We have had boxers for about 10 years now. Honestly I don’t know how we managed without them before.
It all started with Patch our lovely brindle, we lost him about half a year ago to cancer and that broke my heart.
6 or 7 years ago we rescued Tycy, our baby, the dog with the purest soul. The one that is forever trying to prove that he is a good boy!! You have never met such a wonderful being in your life!!
And now after Patch left us we got Flickr, the giant black mask boxer. He was so tiny when we got him!! Only 8 months later and he is so tall and strong we are shocked!! And believeโ€‹ me, you have never met such an energetic creature in your life either!! I think Tycy is a saint putting up with all his shinnanigans!!
Anyway, that’s us.
Hope you like looking at boxer photos and videos. Enjoy ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ•